Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Another Emmy Update and Pictures with NO FLASH!

Suddenly I find Emmy doing new things every day and it is so much fun to watch. She waves "hi" and "bye" all the time- on command and spontaneously. She plays very appropriately- loves to roll cars, throw and roll balls back and forth and likes to look at books and turn pages. She loves to imitate tongue clicking, lip smacking, etc. She thinks it's hilarious when we look at our animal book and I make animal noises. She says "mama" and "dada" meaningfully and just in play as well. She doesn't like to lay down to get her diaper changed, doesn't like her face wiped and doesn't like me to put bows in her hair (she doesn't mind once the bow is in, it's just getting it there). Her little personality is really coming out!

A goal of mine for this year is not only to take more pictures but to learn more about my camera. I know nothing about all the settings that it has and usually just let the camera do it's thing and take the pictures. I have started reading some blogs and tutorials about how to take better pictures. I have heard this before but all the blogs and books agree: don't use the automatic flash- EVER- especially inside. Like I said, I've heard that before but ignored it because without the flash the pictures are too dark. But after a little reading and messing with my camera settings I have found that indoor pictures without a flash are actually very pretty...and bright! And I had a great subject who let me practice!

All the pictures in this post are taken in my kitchen without a flash!

Oh- and yes, today we wore pajamas and bow! It was too cold to wear anything else!

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