Tuesday, January 10, 2012

A quick minute

Right now both kids are napping. Yes, both kids, at the same time. I thought Jackson was done with naps but he started back again and I don't mind. So I have a quick minute and thought I would post some new pictures.

There's not too much going on around here. Everyone's well, which is nice, and things have settled down since Christmas. Emmy is back to her normal schedule. Everyone is eating and sleeping well and life is good!

I've been taking lots of pictures and continue to play with my camera. Here are some recent ones that I like:

She's loving this rocking horse!

Don't we all have moments like this? She doesn't like to be told "no"!

My helper. He loves to cook with Mommy:

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  1. You are doing really well with taking pictures!! I love that dress- Margaret had the same one as a newborn.