Monday, August 23, 2010

Big Boy Room

I cannot believe my baby has moved out of the nursery, out of the crib and into a big boy bed. I didn't think it would happen so fast. One day you're sleeping in your crib and the next day your climbing out. So while we were at the beach you started climbing out of the pack and play. It kind of took us by surprise and we were not ready to handle this situation at the beach. We did the best we could and then tackled the issue when we got home. We have had some bumps but overall you have done great. You have been in your room a couple of weeks now and you are sleeping great. Sometimes you still get out of your bed during nap time and you fall asleep a lot later than you used to but you are still napping well. You have never gotten out of bed at night and in the morning you always call our name to come and get you. You are doing so good!

You love your new bed and the fact that your sheets have cars all over them. You get so excited when you hop up in bed and see the cars!

Thursday, August 19, 2010

The Beach

At the beginning of August we took our summer vacation to San Destin. We normally go to Gulf Shores so this was a little different for us but it was so much fun. We hadn't been to the beach since last summer so it took you some getting used to again.

Sometimes you were willing to walk on the sand and sometimes you weren't.

You loved being out in the ocean but you didn't love where the ocean came up to your feet on the sand. You loved the pool and wearing your water wings. You love being able to "swim" by yourself.

While we were there we had you sleeping in a pack and play. By the third day you figured out that you could climb out of the pack and play at your own will. Needless to say one day you did not get a nap. Thankfully you were too tired at night to climb out but naps were a challenge. And yes this new climbing behavior came home with you and you climbed out of your crib at home. All of this led to our big transition to the big boy bed... Your big boy room is so cute and you are doing well in your new bed. A post on that later...