Tuesday, May 22, 2012

15 Months

Emmy is 15 months today. We had our well check this morning and here are the new stats:

Weight: 23.4 pounds (50th percentile)
Height: 31.5 inches (75th percentile)

Growing girl! I actually had a discussion with the doctor about how much this child eats. A good problem to have I guess as I know some parents have a hard time getting their child to eat anything. Emmy still wants 2-3 helpings of vegetables and fruits as well as any kind of bread she can get her hands on. One of her new favorites is a chicken quesadilla. She also recently tried lasagna and spaghetti, which she loved. The only thing I've found that she's not a big fan of is squash and kiwi- I think it's a texture thing. But she gives Jackson a run for his money when it comes to eating. The doctor assured me as long as she is eating healthy and staying active that she can eat as much as she wants...

While Emmy loves to play cars and trains with Jackson she also loves to push her baby in the stroller, love on her stuffed animals and carry her purse around the house. It's good that she can play so diversely. But she's all about putting on sunglasses, putting her purse over her arm and telling us bye bye. So cute!

Emmy continues to add to her vocabulary daily. She says "nana" for banana and calls Jackson, "JJ". When I told Emmy's doctor today that she has at least 20 words she seemed a little skeptical. She said, "um, 15 month olds don't typically have 20 words. We usually see only 2-5 words." While 2-5 words is a pretty low expectation I know that having 20+ words is not typical at this age. I assured her that I am a speech therapist and I do know what I'm talking about. She then proceded to ask me since her verbal skills were so advanced if she knew her colors or showed interest in potty training. Um, that would be a no! :) Potty training hasn't crossed my mind at this point!

I don't think I have mentioned Emmy's love for books.  She will sit in my lap and listen to me read all day long! She loves pointing to the pictures and imitating words.  I'm so glad my children love books and I really enjoy our reading time.  It's the only time I can count on that Emmy will sit still in my lap. Otherwise she is chasing Jackson and trying to keep up with whatever he is doing!

Love this girl so much! From 12 months to 15 months she has had a hard time staying well.  We're hoping we don't see the doctor again until 18 months!

Monday, May 14, 2012

Precious Children

I had a very good Mother's Day and feel very blessed to have two sweet children. Jackson was so sweet and loving all day. He gave me lots of hugs and kisses and enjoyed surprising me with sweet things all day! It melts my heart when my high energy three year old stops to tell me he loves me!
Jackson is starting to catch on to the fact that Kevin and I sometimes spell words to each other. He will say, "Mommy, T-Y-O-K" and then grin really big. :)
Emmy's little personality is coming out in a big way! Sometimes she acts like Jackson did when he was two!!! And she's only 14 months! She screams at Jackson when he snatches toys from her and she tries to snatch them back! While we don't promote snatching and are trying to teach them to share or ask for what they want I'm glad she starting to stick up for herself. :) They love each other a lot and Emmy still wants to always do what Jackson is doing-including digging in the dirt.
Emmy has also decided she doesn't like to brush her teeth and will scream and hit and kick. She has to sit in time out almost every time we go to brush teeth. I don't remember Jackson testing the limits so early! But after a minute in time out she comes back in the bathroom and allows me to brush her teeth so I know she gets it. Hopefully this won't last long as we remain consistent in brushing teeth. She is so fun though! Here she is hitting the bushes and getting wet from the rain water and thought it was so fun:
I'm still amazed at how fast she is growing up. She understands SO much and continues to add to her vocabulary daily! To add to my previous list she says: all gone, all done, bye bye, duck, woof woof, block, daddy (instead of dada), shoes, cracker and others I can't think of right now. She will imitate: paper, diaper, trash, excuse me, and others!
Love these precious children!

Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Fun Weekend

The weather was beautiful this past weekend and we enjoyed a lot of outside time. The kids have a lot of fun playing in the yard. Kevin has been working on planting some new grass to fill in where it was just dirt and now the backyard is very green!
Jackson loves running around the yard and kicking balls. Love that concentration- with tongue out and all.
Emmy has another new word. She says, "rock, rock, rock" whenever she is on her rocking horse or in her rocking chair.
She has learned how to open the screen door on the back porch. Gotta watch this girl! She heads outside any chance she gets!
We also got out the pool again this weekend. The baby pool is perfect for Emmy and the bigger pool is great for Jackson but of course they want to play in the same pool together!