Saturday, November 24, 2012


We had a wonderful Thanksgiving and we have so much to be thankful for.  Once again we had Thanksgiving at our house and hosted my parents as well as a mix of family from my mom's side and my dad's side.  It was a small gathering but it was fun and the food was great!

Love these two kiddos! They had such a fun day seeing family and playing outside- the weather was gorgeous!

Jackson is finally loving his bike! He would often try it and get frustrated with it so it took him awhile to learn and now he flies around the driveway!

I am so thankful for both of these children.  This year I am mostly thankful for a healthy year and thankful that there were no extended hospital visits in 2012 (well, we've got about a month left but hopefully there won't be any).  2011 was a really hard year for us so I am very very thankful that 2012 turned out to be a lot less stress free.  And so thankful for children who eat well, sleep well and love each other and a husband who loves his family- I will never take those things for granted! Most of all I'm thankful for Jesus and the everyday reminders of how much we need Him. I'm looking forward to the advent season and celebrating this time with my family.

Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Time for an Update

Time slips by so quickly these days and here we are just a couple of days away from Thanksgiving.  Jackson wants to bypass Thanksgiving all together and go straight to Christmas (not on purpose really but just because he gets so excited about Christmas).  He's been begging to listen to Christmas music and get Christmas decorations out so I've been trying to teach him more about Thanksgiving and all we have to be thankful for.  And it's a lot!

Right now, life is good. We've all been well for awhile, although Emmy is on antibiotics for a sinus infection. Everyone adjusted pretty easily to the time change. We had a couple of early mornings due to the early sunrise but both kids are still sleeping 11-12 hours at night.  We seem to be in a good routine with work and school and days at home. 

Jackson is growing by the day! He is very curious about life and asks lots of questions.  Although he disobeys often he desires for me to be happy with him and to please me.  If I get onto him for something he will often say in a very serious tone, "Okay Mommy, I won't do that ever again."  He recently told me that he was planning on obeying all day long on Thanksgiving and Christmas. I told him that he needed to obey every day to which he said, "Woooaaaa! That's really hard!" 

Jackson loves Emmy very much and wants her to play with him all the time.  He loves that she will do whatever he is doing and will usually do whatever he tells her to.  Just recently he has started running through the house screaming, "Ah! A ghost!" or "Ah! A monster!".  I'm not sure where he learned this and maybe it came from Halloween but Emmy also runs through the house screaming, "a ghost!"  What took Jackson four years to learn about only took Emmy one. Great!

I'm so thankful that we still have warm days because the kids are so much happier outside.  When they play inside it seems like they are constantly fighting or screaming or terrorizing one another.  They play forever outside without fussing or fighting. They will both dig in the dirt, rake the leaves, collect leaves or rocks or acorns. I'm not sure what I will do when it's too cold to play outside!

My sweet Emmy-girl is growing up faster than I would like to believe.  I can't even talk about the fact that she will be two in a few short months.  She is still my baby though she doesn't act like a baby at all.  Of course Jackson still calls her "baby Emmy" and I'm not sure how long it will take to break that habit.

Emmy has become quite attached to my mom (Gigi).  A couple of months ago my mom started picking her up on Thursdays after MDO and bringing her home in the afternoon to take her nap and then play.  Emmy LOVES Gigi and cries every Thursday when she leaves.  She talks about Gigi all the time now and loves it most when Gigi sits and reads with her and sings to her.  Emmy is very shy so I'm very glad she has warmed up so much to my mom. I think it just took them having some one on one time together. Other than my mom Emmy won't really talk much around others.  She just smiles!

Emmy's naps continue to be a mystery to me.  I think her naps go in phases.  When Emmy first dropped to one nap a day she would only sleep an hour or so. It took her a little while for her body to adjust to sleeping longer since she was only napping one time a day.  After she adjusted she was sleeping anywhere from 2-3 hours.  Then after awhile her naps shortened a good bit, back to just an hour to an hour and a half. This went on so long that I finally just accepted the fact that she wasn't going to take long naps anymore.  Now she is back to sleeping anywhere from 2-3 hours. I'll try not to get too used to this as it could easily change!

At the end of the day I'm exhausted but watching these two grow up is definitely worth it!