Monday, June 28, 2010


We went to the doctor for your two year check up and here are your new stats:

Weight: 27.4 pounds (50th percentile)
Height: 34.25 inches (50th percentile)

Saturday, June 26, 2010

Old House/New House

Last Saturday we officially said goodbye to our townhouse and hello to our new house. It was exhausting and stressful but here we are trying to make our new house into our home. I've been excited for awhile now about finding a new house, but it was definitely bittersweet leaving the townhouse- where Kevin built our sun room, where we brought Jackson home from the hospital, etc. This new house doesn't feel like home yet but I'm sure in time it will. You've adjusted pretty well. At first you weren't sleeping well but you seem to love all the new space. We are remodeling the kitchen and hall bath so hopefully pictures of that to come soon. Meanwhile...

Goodbye Townhouse:

Hello Meadowbrook:

Thursday, June 10, 2010

Jackson Turns Two

On Saturday, June 5 you turned two! Wow! Can't believe how fast time has flown. Due to the fact that our house is a mess (we are moving soon) we had a small family party. Gigi, Pop, Aunt Erin, Nana, MayMay, Walt, Mimi, Papa and Aunt Amanda all came over for grilled out hot dogs and cake. You got some really great gifts, including a train table and set from Mommy and Daddy, a small trampoline from Gigi and Pop, a small basketball goal from Mimi and Papa and a few other things. It was a crazy day and you were definitely all wound up. I think you had a little too much sugar because you were a wild man! It was fun to get together with everyone and to celebrate my baby boy's birthday.

Getting Ready for Cake:

The Cake:

Sweet Birthday Boy:

Enjoying some cake:

Ready to Play: