Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Quick Update

Here are a few new things that you are doing:
-About a month ago you started waving bye-bye. (I meant to post this earlier). Up to that point you would only wave hello but now you will wave to tell someone bye. Yea!

-A new word you have started saying is "du" for "door". You either point to a door that is in one of your books or you point madly at our door and say "du" over and over again to tell us that you want to go outside.

-You have learned a new sign! You now sign "eat". For breakfast, lunch or dinner I will ask you if you are ready to eat and you will do the appropriate sign to tell me "eat".

-AND, just today you started pointing to your eyes. You were in the bathtub tonight and we were being silly and then I randomly said, "Where are Jackson's eyes?" and you pointed directly at your eye. Of course I made you do it over and over. You are so smart!

-We are in the middle of a pretty big transition. You are transitioning from one nap to two. It is somewhat difficult because you don't really need two full naps but just one isn't enough. If you take a morning nap then you only sleep about 30-45 minutes and then you will sleep anywhere from 1 to 2 hours in the afternoon. On the days you have taken only one nap you only sleep about 1 1/2 hours and that is not enough for you. You are so cranky without enough sleep! We'll keep working at it.

Sunday, August 23, 2009

All Boy

You are definitely all boy! You love to play with your cars and trucks. You like to climb up and stand on your riding car and you like to ride on it backwards (as shown in picture). You also like to throw all your toys in your dump truck and drive it all over the house. Daddy put you in the dump truck and pushed you around and you loved that too!

You also love to throw and kick your balls, pull and push, open and close and get into whatever you can. You are also getting to be a pretty fast walker. You are getting close to running! Today was such a beautiful day that Daddy and I took you to the park. We hadn't been in awhile since it has been so hot, but this time you were all about exploring. You wanted to climb up and down and in and out and you even enjoyed the slide! You are really growing up.

Thursday, August 13, 2009

Art Time

You really enjoyed "art time" this week. This is something I have just started recently. I started out letting you experiment with crayons but you had more fun with the paint. It was much easier for your drawing to show up with paint rather than crayons. Here are pictures of your first time painting:

Summer is unofficially over. Unofficially because it is technically still summer but school is back in session. I am back to work 3 days a week. Grammy is keeping you until your Mother's Day Out starts in September. I think that you will really enjoy going to "school".

Tuesday, August 4, 2009


What a sweet face...

Yesterday you did a lot of new things. It seems to come in spurts...
-You started saying "nanu" for banana.
-You also imitated me saying "bye" a couple of times after getting off the phone.
-You and I were playing in the living room and you took my hand and took me into the sun room and took me to your stroller. You obviously wanted to go for a walk. You just started taking us by the hand to whatever it is you want. I told you that we couldn't go right then and that did not make you happy. You are definitely understanding so much more.
-Last night for dinner you were eating chicken, cheese and blueberries. You were pointing at the table and telling us you wanted more so I would ask you what you wanted more of. When I got to the one that you wanted you would shake your head yes! You did this several times.

Here you are really enjoying your cracker. You always want to eat whatever we are eating and it makes you so happy!