Sunday, March 25, 2012

Spring Break- Part 2 and 13 Months

I can't believe Spring Break is already over. It's been hard to even keep up with what day it is and so nice to have Kevin home for the week. The last part of the week was just as fun as the first half even though it rained a couple of days.

We spent a day at the lake with Gigi and Pop and had a lot of fun. Jackson enjoyed some fishing with his Daddy which he was really excited about.

We also spent some more time at the park and Jackson was really cute with his soccer ball:

And Emmy loved the slide:


Emmy is thirteen months and what a difference a month makes! At 12 months she was just beginning to eat a few table foods but I was still having to give her some baby food. Now, I continue to be amazed at how this girl eats. We lovingly call her the bottomless pit :) and I love it! She constantly wants seconds and even thirds of her vegetables and fruit. One of her favorite things to eat is grape tomatoes- I think she would eat the whole package if I let her! So thankful for a good eater!

She is still not loving milk in her sippy cup, although it's getting better. We dropped her last night time bottle earlier this week and she has done well without it. She only drinks about 1-3 ounces of milk a day so I'm just making sure she's eating enough calcium. Good thing eating isn't an issue! :)

She half way signs "done" and will say "du" when she's all done. She says "mmm" for "moo" and "doo doo" for "cock a doodle doo". She will shake her head no and say "no, no, no" when she's not supposed to do something or when I tell her no. She tries to say "socks" and "shoes" whenever we are getting dressed. She imitates several other words as well. And she is so stinkin cute when she puts her purse over her arm and walks around the house!!! Love this girl!

Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Spring Break- Part 1

I thought I would break up my Spring Break post because I already have so many pictures and we've been doing lots of fun stuff!

Jackson has been so excited about Spring Break. For one thing he knew Kevin would be staying home and for another thing he knew we were going to the zoo. For several days leading up to Spring Break he would ask if it was "spring time" (meaning Spring Break) yet. We've had gorgeous weather and here's what we've been up to:

Lots of outside play time! The kids are so happy to be outside. Emmy loves it and gets a huge grin on her face if I ask her if she wants to go play outside.

Jackson is sporting his green for St. Patrick's Day:

Kevin has spent lots of time working on the patio and Jackson's been helping. It should be done soon!

Also, this week marked the first pool day. We brought out the little baby pool and the kids have had so much fun. Emmy is not afraid of anything- loved sliding into the water and being splashed in the face!

How cute is this girl in a swim suit:

I wanted to post this picture to remember and show Emmy one day. This is how she sucks her thumb. Her thumb of one hand is in her mouth and then she holds onto her other arm. This is how she always sucks her thumb!

Jackson loved throwing water on himself (because we told him he couldn't throw it on anyone else!) and sliding:

And we also made it to the zoo today. Jackson was so excited and had a ton of fun! I didn't get too many pictures but here's Emmy first reaction to seeing her first animal (the giraffe). Not real sure what to think:

Then she liked it:

And Jackson roaring like a lion:

So far we've had a great Spring Break!

Thursday, March 8, 2012

Spring is coming!

We are really enjoying the Spring like weather. We've been playing outside a lot! Jackson likes to dig in the dirt and Emmy likes to do whatever Jackson is doing. Needless to say we've been taking a lot of baths around here. Kevin is working on a patio for our backyard and Jackson loves to help. Emmy got her first pair of tennis shoes as her Robeez couldn't keep up with all the places she wanted to go- dirt, rocks, pavement... She is really on the move these days and has even started trying to run on occasion.

Both kids are loving the Cozy Coupe and constantly fight over it. I finally put them both in it at the same time and neither one were thrilled about that:

Jackson was so excited to find these flowers. Spring is coming!!!

In other news, Emmy is 100% off of baby food and has been for almost a week now. I'm thrilled not to have to give her baby food and it's nice that she can now feed herself. Since she was rejecting table foods for so long I was afraid that she was going to be a picky eater but I'm so glad that she isn't. She will basically try whatever I put on her plate.

Also, Emmy recently had her first ear infection. I can't believe she made it through her first year of life without one. That's a huge blessing considering what we went through with Jackson.

I could take pictures of these faces all day long!!!