Thursday, November 11, 2010

Jackson Stories

It has been so much fun to watch you grow and to see how quickly you are learning new things. You are talking so much these days- everyday you are saying new things. We are even starting to have mini-conversations. Here are a couple of funny conversations we have had:

One day we were playing outside in the backyard-
Jackson: A noise mommy, a noise.
Me: Yes Jackson I hear a noise too.
Jackson: A noise mommy? (your inflection tells me that now you want to know what the noise is)
Me: I don't know what the noise is Jackson.
Jackson: A robot (you say this very confidently as if you have figured out what the noise was)
Me: I don't think it's a robot. I think it's an animal...maybe a squirrel.
Jackson: Ooooooh! A squirrel.

One day we were in the car and you were being very observant about what was going on outside-
Jackson: Mommy, mommy, water, see water.
Me: Yes, Jackson I see the water.
Jackson: Not water Mommy, a lake. See lake.

You are also very good at saying, "touchdown Auburn!"

Saturday, November 6, 2010

Christmas 2010

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Monday, November 1, 2010

My Sweet Pumpkin

We had so much fun with you on Halloween this year. You were really into it! Sunday afternoon we took you to a fall festival where you enjoyed games, treats and a moonwalk. You got to play lots of games that were just perfect for you: throw a football through a hula hoop, throw a ball and knock down blocks, toss a ball into a basket, bowling and many others. You also loved the cake walk and got so excited when you won and got to pick a treat. It was so fun to watch you have fun. You smiled all afternoon!

That night we dressed you in your pumpkin outfit which you were also super excited about. I wasn't sure if you would be into dressing up but you loved it! And it was perfect that you were a pumpkin because you've been talking about pumpkins for the past two weeks! We visited Gigi and Pop for some trick or treating and visited a few other houses as well. You learned how to say "trick or treat" pretty well and after we would leave a house you would say "more trick or treat". We pulled you around the neighborhood in the wagon and you hopped out and ran up the sidewalk to each house. You were the cutest pumpkin I've ever seen!