Monday, February 25, 2013

Look Hoo's Two!!!

Emmy turned two last Friday. It's hard to believe my baby girl's two- and yes I still think of her as a baby! I did a really scaled down version of the party that I had originally planned in my head.  It was small but fun. And perfect for Emmy as she still tends to be very shy and quiet in crowds.  We celebrated her birthday on Friday with a pizza party and cupcakes at home and then on Saturday had family over for hot dogs and more cupcakes.

This year's birthday was much different than last year.  Emmy wouldn't touch her cupcake last year but she was not shy this year about getting it all over her face! She's come so far in the past year. It's hard to remember the struggle we had with table foods because she is such a good eater now.

Emmy had some requests for her birthday. She wanted Baxter at her party (that's my parents dog) and she requested "big big balloons" and "open presents".  She definitely understood more of what was going on this time around.  And I think Jackson was just as excited as if it was his own birthday. He was such a sweet big brother and kept telling her she could play with any toys she wanted and watch any video she wanted because it was her birthday. Sweet big brother!

Look Hoo's Two theme:

 It's been awhile since I've updated the blog so I have more updates to come and Emmy's two year stats after our doctor appointment on Tuesday.