Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Six Months

Emmy is six months (officially yesterday). I took her for her well visit today and here are her stats:

Weight: 17.5 pounds (75th percentile)
Height: 26 inches (75th percentile)

She is still such a happy baby! She smiles a lot and is playing more and more. She reaches for anything that is in front of her. She likes to grab, pull and shake things and EVERYTHING goes in her mouth! Her favorite new thing to do is play in her jumper:

She is still a good sleeper. She takes three naps a day and sleeps from about 7pm-7am. She is wearing size 6-9 month clothes and has been for about a month now.

She is still a funny eater. Some days she takes her bottle great and other days she doesn't. Some days she eats lots of baby food and other days she will only eat a few bites. Despite the fact that she can be hard to feed she is growing and healthy!

She is currently cutting her first tooth. She has been drooling A LOT and a little bit fussy but not as bad as I remember Jackson being with his first tooth. So far the tooth hasn't affected her sleep.

I was taking six month pictures of Emmy and Jackson actually wanted in on it!

Thursday, August 18, 2011

Unsupported Sitter

Emmy is almost six months (4 days away) and she is officially an unsupported sitter. She can sit by herself for several minutes (about 5 or so) before she tips over. Can't believe how big this girl is getting!

Monday, August 15, 2011

She likes sweet potatoes!

I think we finally got a handle on Emmy's tummy issues. All her tests from the dr. came back negative which means it probably was just the reflux (or possibly the medicine) that was hurting her tummy. We are back on zantac because she was still having a hard time eating. She wasn't eating well, arching her back during feedings and was extremely fussy during feedings. After being back on zantac all that has gone away. And she is officially eating baby food. We've been doing it very slowly as she didn't even like eating food at first. I gave her a few bites of carrots every few days and gradually increased from there. Now she does ok with carrots and pears. Today I introduced sweet potatoes to her. She ate the whole jar! First of all, whenever she tries something new she will only take a few bites and then she's done. Secondly, she's never eaten a whole jar of anything in one sitting. This girl likes sweet potatoes! Here she is modeling her new dress:

Tuesday, August 9, 2011

First Day of School

On Monday Jackson went back to school. His school program is no longer called "Mother's Day Out" but "Three Year Old Kindergarten". He was SO SO EXCITED! He talked non-stop that morning and was so excited about his new school shoes and new backpack! And very excited about the granola bar that was packed in his bag for snack- I even got him to smile for the camera!

He looks SO BIG in this picture!!!

Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Food and Sewing

Emmy has been doing better these past few days. We were back at the doctor again last week and she is completely off of all medicines now. She seems to be doing better off of the medicine. The zantac never seemed to hurt her tummy so we may go back on that to control some of her spitting up but right now we are waiting for some test results. Dr. just wanted to make sure it wasn't something else besides reflux hurting her tummy. In an effort to help her tummy I decided to give her her first taste of baby food. She has been eating rice cereal for a couple of weeks and is doing ok. She doesn't seem to love it like Jackson did. So I gave her some carrots and she did NOT like them- to say the least.

Even though Jackson made funny faces when he ate his first bite of carrots he still loved them and opened his mouth for more. Emmy took a few bites and then clamped her mouth shut! She definitely was not into it!

On another note, In June I took a sewing class and I really enjoyed it. I learned how to make this dress (Hopefully this will fit Emmy just in time for some WAR EAGLE!!!):

Here is another item that I just finished. It started out as a dress but I think it's more of a tunic. I put some leggings under it that Emmy already had and I think it looks ok:

Here's a random picture I just think is funny. She looks nervous:

and cute: