Saturday, December 10, 2011

First Word and Three and a half

It's hard to believe that my 9.5 month old is saying her first word. This past week Emmy started imitating Jackson and me anytime we would say "uh-oh". After a couple of days of that she started using it on her own. She now loves to drop things on the floor and say "uh-oh". She says uh-oh ALL DAY LONG! I love it though! It is so cute! And she is babbling so much!

Emmy is getting another top tooth and another bottom tooth. She doesn't let me look in her mouth for very long so there could be more. That means she will have a total of 6 teeth.

She is very very mobile. Crawling, pulling up and cruising everywhere. She loves to hold onto our hands and walk around the house. She gets so excited she'll stop walking to jump up and down.

She adores Jackson! She laughs at everything he does and tries so hard to keep up with him. She will crawl after him around the house. She loves to be in his room and play with his toys and roll around on his bed.

She loves the Christmas tree! She's almost pulled it over a few times. She grabs the branches and tries to pull them to her. Of course she loves the ornaments too and tries to pull them off.

Jackson is so excited about Christmas this year. If you ask him what he wants for Christmas he will tell you: cars, puzzles and Mater. He loves seeing all the Christmas lights and will point out all the trees, lights, etc. as we are driving. We've been talking a lot about the birth of Jesus and the meaning of Christmas. This is the first year that we can really converse about it and he really likes our Advent calendar.

Jackson is officially 3.5 and he has grown and changed a lot just since he turned 3. He is so smart and loves learning. He loves to sing his ABC's. He is identifying letters all over the place and even knows many letter sounds. He is able to identify his name in print as well.

He still gets speech therapy once a week but he is at age level now. It is still hard for some people to understand him at times but he is doing so much better. His sentences are much more complex and he uses complete thoughts. It's fun to have conversations with him.

Love these two kiddos! They are both at a very fun age!

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