Monday, December 28, 2009

Merry Christmas

We had a wonderful Christmas. On Christmas morning we woke up and enjoyed the morning at home. You had so much fun opening all your presents- it was fun to see you get excited and play with all your new toys. You are really into music so you got a drum, a saxophone and some shakers. You are really enjoying those. But in the above picture you are enjoying your new fire truck.

What a handsome boy! This picture was taken on Christmas Eve. The weather was beautiful- not too cold! It was Daddy's birthday, so we enjoyed spending the day with him and we had a nice birthday dinner.

Later Christmas morning we went over to Grammy and Grandpa's and spent some time with them. We opened more presents and enjoyed a Christmas brunch. We also enjoyed spending time with Aunt Erin.

This is an ornament that we made together earlier in the week. You love to paint and you were all about putting the paint on your hand.

The day after Christmas (Saturday) we drove to Mobile to see Mimi, Papa, Aunt Amanda and Uncle JT. We had a nice time and you got even more presents. I think you actually got tired of opening presents. You opened a couple and then when they tried to give you another present to open you just shook your head no. I had to open your last presents for you.

One of your new things is to shake your head no. You sometimes shake your head yes but mostly it's just no.

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  1. I can't believe how BIG Jackson is! He is so cute, and it looks like you guys had a fun Christmas.