Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Tis the Season

I just love the Christmas season- all the time spent with family has been really nice. We've had shopping outings with Grammy, lunches with your great grandmothers and parties with extended out of town family. You've had a lot of fun and of course love being the center of attention. Today we went to lunch with Grammy's side of the family and you did really well considering you had to sit in your highchair for two hours! We found some sunglasses in your bag and you were all about showing off. Too cute!!! Too bad I didn't get pictures of that.

You have been so good about the Christmas tree. You still like to touch the ornaments but you don't take them off. You also like to pick up the presents and look at them but you put them back without damaging them. We did have one minor incident where you lost your balance and fell onto all the presents but only damaged one- good thing it wasn't anything breakable. :)

You love to play hide and seek! You go into our closet and close the door on yourself and then about 3 seconds later you come out and start looking for daddy or me. We'll hide behind the door or a chest or on top of the bed. It's so funny because the first place you look is wherever we hid the last time. And you yell out "dada" or "meeeee" really loud. So I think when you say "meeee" you are trying to say "mommy". I'm not sure, because when I ask you who I am you still say "dada", but when we play hide and seek and you are looking for me you say, "meee". It's kinda funny. But I'm claiming "meeee" as "mommy" since it's the closest we've gotten so far.

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