Monday, April 20, 2009

The Game

So my latest hobby is cutting coupons. The game is to try and save more than you spend. Since I have started working part time I have been trying to find ways to save money. At first I thought, "How much money can you really save with coupons, 50 cents?" You actually can save a lot of money! As you can see from the Publix receipt I spent about $37 and saved $39. So essentially I got about $75 worth of groceries for $37. Yea! I now look forward to going to the grocery store to see how much I can save. If you are interested check out the blogs Fiddledeedee and the Coupon Saving Game to see how you can save money too!

Ok Jackson, about you...You are doing lots of fun new things. Your new favorite place to play is in the kitchen. You love to open and shut the cabinet doors and bang on all the pots and pans. You are starting to point at things too. You point at pictures in books and you like to point at other people's mouths and noses. Another new trick you like to do is to raise your arms up above your head. We will say "arms up" and raise our hands above our head and then you raise your arms up too and then laugh. You think it is so funny!

You are such a sweet boy! You have become quite the snuggler. You love to put your head on mine or Daddy's shoulder, especially when you are tired. All day long you are always on the move and it's so nice at night when we rock together and I give you a bottle and you curl up in my lap with your head on my chest or shoulder. It's one of my favorite times. I am really going to miss giving you a bottle. We may still have a few more months left with the bottle as you are still having a hard time transitioning to the cup. Sometimes you will bite on the spout of the cup and get some milk but mostly you just play with it or drop it on the floor! I continue to try and be patient.

The most exciting news is that now that tax season is over Grammy is going to start keeping you again. Yea!!! You are going to go stay with her at her house and I know you will be so much happier. You love her dogs, Baxter and Lady, and she has a nice quiet house where hopefully you will be able to take your naps. It has been really hard on you and us on the days you don't get your naps. We bought another pack and play to keep over there so you can sleep and we took over some toys and other things. We are so grateful for Grammy!


  1. Yes, I need to start the coupon game myself. I use them when they are convenient, but I need to get better. :)
    I know you are so glad your mom can keep Jackson again. He will love it!

  2. So glad that Jackson is back with your mom!!!!!!!!!!!!!