Saturday, April 25, 2009

Still Coughing

You have been coughing for over three weeks now. And it's not just a little makes me cringe every time I hear it. You are coughing up gunk that is draining I guess. I took you to the doctor last Monday and she said you had a sinus infection. You have been on antibiotics since Monday but your cough doesn't seem to be getting better. On Tuesday night your temperature went up to 103 which is the highest it's ever been. After a warm bath and some Tylenol it quickly went down. You haven't had a temp since Thursday morning so I am hoping that means that you are getting better. I am just worried about that bothersome cough...I can hear all the film in your chest. You aren't eating well either, just a little bit here and there. The sippy cup has definitely been out the window for the past week. I am just worried about you getting enough liquids. I am really hoping and praying that once you get over this that it will be the last of your sickness for awhile. Since you are staying with Grammy when I go to work hopefully you won't catch anything else.

You continue to be relatively happy even though you are sick. You are content to play and you are even taking two and three steps on your own. You can stand on your own for about 20 seconds now before grabbing onto something. You continue to sleep well. You sleep about 11 1/2 hours at night and you continue to take good morning and afternoon naps. I just hate to see you sick!

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