Monday, January 12, 2009

Sick Again

I know you are probably wondering if I am going to keep a count and blog every time you get sick. No, probably not...but maybe, because it seems to be a very big part of your life and it affects your mood, schedule, etc. Well if you're wondering, yes, you are sick again and yes you have an ear infection. This morning the doctor told me that the ear infection was mild which means that I caught it early this time. I guess I am just amazed that from October 31 to January 12 you have been sick three times and have had three ear infections. Other babies that I know of don't seem to be getting sick as often as you. The part of me that wants a reason for everything wants to know why you keep getting sick. "What am I doing wrong?" I often ask myself. I have been encouraged by a couple of friends that it really has more to do with the baby then with anything else. A lady told me yesterday, that of her two children, who were both in daycare and both exposed to the same things, one had constant ear infections and eventually had to have tubes, and the other only had one or two. All babies are different I was reminded. So there might not be an answer to my questions of "why" other than you are just you. I am trying to give the Lord my "mommy-guilt" and not be burdened about what could I do different or better. I pray over you each day and I know that the Lord is guiding my steps as I care for you. You are being baptized this coming Sunday so I hope you are feeling better by will be a big day for us all.

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