Monday, December 29, 2008

Merry Christmas

Well Christmas has come and gone and I do admit that I am sad that it's over. Although I am looking forward to what the coming year will bring and what the Lord has planned for us I am a little sad that my baby's first Christmas is over. You had so much fun. It was fun to watch as you ripped the paper and put the ribbons in your mouth. You would grab onto your package and rip the paper and then look up and smile. You were too cute. We took lots of good pictures, probably too many. You love all the new toys you got. You are done with rattles (for the most part) and on to bigger and better toys (such as stacking rings and sorting blocks, etc.). You also got a foam play mat which basically takes over the living room. We have moved our coffee table out so that you will have room to play and learn to crawl. You are getting closer! You can lift your whole body off the floor with your arms and you can even get your knees up under you but you just can't coordinate them both at the same time. You are starting to babble again which tells me your ears are finally better. You are feeling much better despite all the Christmas chaos, travel, etc. But you are teething so bad! You are pretty fussy and you now have two baby bottom teeth. You continue to gnaw on anything you can get in your mouth.

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