Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Getting Ready for Christmas

I love to watch the wonder in your eyes as you see new things and hear new sounds. You stare in wonder at the Christmas tree and all the lights. You just want to get your hands on any light, ornament or ribbon you can reach. I can't wait to watch you open your presents and watch as you finally get to play with the paper and ribbon.

I have been off for the Christmas holidays since December 19 and I have really enjoyed spending my time with you. You are still sick. I took you to the doctor last Friday knowing you had an ear infection... and you did. You are on antibiotics now and I don't think your ear is causing you any more pain. However, you are still having trouble sleeping and I think that you are having more teething pain. You are sleeping well during the night but you are having trouble taking naps. In the past week you have slept until 8:00am on two different occasions. That is the latest you have ever slept. Despite your discomfort you are in relatively good spirits. You have been clingy and not your usual smiley self, but overall happy just to be with daddy and me.

Milestones: You haven't been babbling ever since your ear started bothering you. I hope it clears up soon and you start babbling again. Also, you are ready to crawl! When you are on your tummy you can lift your tummy off the ground for a second and your bottom comes up and your legs are moving back and forth. You are getting pretty good at scooting but you get frustrated when you don't get very far. Also, you can pick up almost anything. You love to play in your play pen with your big basket of toys. You enjoy grabbing whatever you can out of your basket and you eventually end up dumping the basket over.

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