Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Beautiful Boy

God is so good. He gave me the most beautiful baby boy. Of course being your mommy I think you are the prettiest baby of all, but I am amazed by the many comments you get every time we go out. Everybody seems to agree that you are beautiful. Here are some of the comments we have heard: "You should be on the cover of a magazine. You are so beautiful.", "You have the prettiest big blue eyes.", "You are such a handsome boy.", "You are so cute! Look at those pretty eyes." You get lots of attention when we go out. Everybody loves a smiling baby, and you smile at everyone!

I love the 6 month old stage. I think it might be my favorite stage so far. Despite the rocky start, you have become such an easy baby. You love to go out. You are so content to sit in the high chair or ride in the shopping cart (yes, you are riding- I am no longer carrying you in the Baby Bjorn). As long as you get enough sleep you are happy when you wake up in the morning and happy when you wake up for your naps. You eat anything I put in your mouth and you play happily in your play pen or swing or on the floor or wherever we put you. You smile a lot and you laugh so easily. You are so much fun. Of course you still have your fussy moments but compared to all that we have been through (with the reflux) you are so easy!

Having said that this is my favorite time thus far I must note that I do terribly miss when you were teeny tiny. I think about it all the time. You were so tiny when we brought you home from the hospital. You fit perfectly on my chest and you would lay there so quietly and contently. I can't believe how fast it has all gone by and pictures just aren't enough to capture the moments that we share together. I hope I never forget. I love you Bubby.

Here is a picture of my beautiful, curious baby boy. This picture shows how you take it all in. You are curious about everything!

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