Tuesday, October 9, 2012

I Survived and a Little War Eagle!

I survived another weekend on my own with the kids! It was a lot of fun but I'm glad Kevin's home. Kevin went camping this past weekend and was gone for three days. I did lots of preparing (pinteresting) and gathering of materials in order to keep us all busy! Here's what we did:

First of all, we had to wear our Auburn attire. Through the good, the bad and the ugly, we love our Tigers!

Then it was time for some baking. The kids love to help me in the kitchen. We made Halloween cookies- with orange icing and sprinkles!!!

We also went on a leaf hunt. Who knew it could be so fun to find leaves! The kids loved finding different shapes and colors. Then we made turkeys using our leaves!

We also made some jack 'o lanterns with felt. Jackson really enjoyed this craft. It was fun making different faces using different shapes. Thanks Pinterest!

I enjoyed a little crafting of my own and made Emmy a pumpkin shirt! It's very similar to last year's shirt but I think it turned out cute.

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