Monday, October 1, 2012

Bragging Rights

Every mama's got a right to brag on their little ones, right? Sometimes the daily grind can get me down but it's the big (and little) accomplishments that makes my heart swell.  My heart is swelling big time right now. I've got some really good news.....
The date is set. On October 10, 2012 Jackson will be officially dismissed from speech therapy! I am so excited! SO EXCITED! Jackson has been receiving speech therapy since he was about 18 months old.  From age 18 months to 3 years he received therapy through Early Intervention and then from 3-4 years through our local school system.  Mainly he was behind on his articulation. He was very difficult to understand. His current speech therapist feels that he is at age level and no longer needs to receive therapy. I prayed about this boy and his speech many many times and many of my dear friends and family prayed for him too.  Thanks to the Lord for answering these prayers! So so proud of my sweet boy who worked so hard on his speech over the past couple of years!
He is a funny boy! Conversations with him are fun and entertaining.  I wanted to document some of the funny and cute things he has said.
-He calls chick-fil-a, "chick-a-lay".
-He was so excited the other day to show Emmy a "piney cone"  (i.e. pine cone).
-He calls a door bell, a "ding bell."

The other day Jackson was singing "Father Abraham".  Kevin asked him if he was a son of Father Abraham and Jackson said, "yes".  Kevin asked him how he knew that he was a son of Father Abraham and Jackson said, "because I have hair on my arms!".  

Kevin was also asking Jackson about Adam and Eve. He asked him what Adam was made out of and Jackson said, "dirt". Then he asked him what Eve was made out of and Jackson said, "ribbons".  Close enough...

I've got to brag a little on Emmy too.  This girl amazes me. I know I am biased but she is so smart.  I thought her "potty training" was probably a fluke or something that wouldn't last but over past month she has consistently been pooping in the potty.  If we are home, she tells us when she needs to go and goes on the potty.  Yes, she's only 19 months old and potty training herself.  A couple of times she's told us she's needed to tee tee and gone on the potty- that's been rare though. At this point I'm letting her take the lead and basically just putting her on the potty when she tells me she needs to go. I'm still a bit shocked by this child. 
They weren't kidding when they said girls are more mature and develop faster. I have to remind myself that she is only 19 months.  She still talks a ton and has so many words I can't keep count.  She uses several two word phrases now and loves to tell us when she has two of something. She'll say, "two napkins" and "two cups".  She also says, "clean up" and "me too".  I love that she has started trying to sing. It is the sweetest thing to hear her little singing voice.  She sings "Jesus loves me" and I can make out the words "Jesus" and "me".  Love this age!

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