Thursday, April 12, 2012

Easter and Other Things

So I've gotten behind on blogging again. We've had A LOT going on around here! Having two kids can keep life so busy sometimes!

So if you have young children and don't know about the 'Pete the Cat' book you've got to check it out! This is the cutest book and by far the kids favorite! Emmy got it for her birthday and both kids will sit together and read/listen to the story over and over. Emmy is always bringing the book to me and then going to the computer so she can listen to the story. Once you get the book you can download the story/song for free. Anyway, the kids love it!

Emmy was sick for about a week- had a fever for five days, so Emmy and I did not make it to Easter service. This is the second year in a row for me to miss Easter. Last year the kids gave me the stomach bug. I guess we'll try again next year!

She was still able to enjoy a few Easter festivities like hunting for eggs. Both kids LOVE playing with Easter eggs! We hide them and find them over and over again.

The kids also had fun with their Easter baskets. They got lots of goodies like books, sunglasses, a new video, fun t-shirts, and Jackson's favorite- chocolate covered raisins. :)

We are very very blessed and did enjoy a nice Easter weekend as a family. I'm just glad that things are finally getting back to normal...

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