Sunday, April 22, 2012

14 Months

**UPDATE: Ok, so I forgot a few things: Emmy is really into pointing! She loves to point at pictures in books and random things around the house. I also forgot to mention that Emmy pretty much stayed sick this past month. She had her first ear infection and a couple of viruses. She was also diagnosed with respiratory airway disease and we now have a nebulizer at home. Basically while she was sick she got a bad cough and the doctor said that her breathing and coughing was "asthma-like". We hope that she won't officially get the asthma diagnosis but I guess we'll just have to wait and see. Thankfully she is finally over her illnesses and seems to be healthy. She is currently getting her one year molars in. The first one started coming through about two and a half weeks ago and I've noticed two more poking through in the last couple of days. And on top of all the words listed below that she says all on her own she tries to imitate all kinds of words. Like yesterday she imitated "chalk" and today she imitated "go"!

Love this age! Emmy is so much fun! Not too much has changed this past month but she is doing better with drinking milk from her cup. She will now drink anywhere from 3-8 ounces a day. And I wanted to record all her words since she is starting to say so much. These are all word approximations but these are the words she says:

night night
doo doo (cock a doodle doo)
tweet tweet
thank you
choo choo

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