Thursday, February 2, 2012

Sickness, Sun, Shadows and Stroller Rides

The kids have been a little bit under the weather. Jackson has had a random fever on two different occasions with no other symptoms and it has disappeared quickly. Yesterday Emmy came down with a stomach bug. Everyone else seems to be fine- I'm hoping it stays that way through the weekend. Emmy seems to be feeling better today but as the pictures show she's sporting pajamas in the middle of the day. Nothing like wearing comfortable pajamas when you're sick. I thought we would soak in some of the beautiful warm sun today. It felt more like spring and the kids love it!

Jackson and I had fun finding our shadow out in the sun. We found Jackson's shadow on the brick wall but he kept looking at me like I was crazy and telling me those were bricks. I finally got him to understand and he was able to find his shadow!

My two kids love each other and I am so grateful! Jackson's new favorite thing to do to is to push Emmy in the stroller out in the driveway. He loves to help me take care of her. He really is a sweetheart!

While he loves to be my helper he is still ALL BOY!

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