Thursday, February 9, 2012

She Likes Peas!

I can't believe I got this girl to eat a table food other than cheerios, crackers or bread! Yesterday and today she ate peas! She won't pick them up and feed herself- I still think she is bothered by the texture. She just plays with them if they are on her tray. But I put them on a spoon and she ate a lot of them! I was also able to feed her bananas that were not mashed up. Again, won't pick the bananas up but at least she's eating them fine without gagging, etc. I guess we're slowly making progress with this table food thing.

She also started signing "more" the right way instead of clapping. She also likes to take my hands and make me sign more. She thinks that's really fun! A couple of different times as I've put her to bed and told her "night night" I've heard her respond with a "night night". She won't do it if I ask her to though. :) She imitates what sounds like "bye" and "done" but again this is inconsistent.

We have really enjoyed the warm weather this week. I think being outside just makes everyone happier! Emmy and I enjoyed sunbathing on our picnic blanket.

Jackson keeps himself very entertained while we are outside. He drives his car or bike around collecting sticks or rocks and saying he is working hard in the yard like daddy. Or he gets his shovel and rake and digs in the dirt. And today was my favorite when he got a brick and put it behind one of the tires on his car. He told me he was changing the oil like daddy. Does this boy admire his daddy or what?

Pretty much the only way I can get a picture of his face is to yell his name real quick and snap a picture as soon as he looks up. Otherwise he doesn't have time to look at the camera! :)

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