Saturday, December 31, 2011


I'm always amazed by how fast the Christmas season goes by. It seems like just yesterday it was Thanksgiving and Jackson was asking when Christmas would be here. And now it's gone!

We had a really wonderful Christmas- full of seeing lots of family, a little bit of traveling and feeling blessed beyond measure.

On Thursday and Friday before Christmas we went to Mobile to see Kevin's family. This was only Emmy's second road trip and like her brother she isn't a good car sleeper. For the four 1/2 hour car trip she slept for 45 minutes. She wasn't fussy though. She entertained herself well- it helps to have big brother in the back. Jackson enjoyed watching a movie in the car. On Black Friday we got a super good deal on a DVD player for the car. Jackson was so excited to watch a movie in the car and it gave Kevin and me a chance to just talk! (Unfortunately the DVD player was stolen from our car while in Mobile which is a whole other story.)

Jackson had a blast seeing Mimi and PawPaw. Kevin's mom (Mimi) saved all of Kevin's old matchbox cars plus some other toys and Jackson was in heaven! Kevin has a pretty big family so there were lots and lots of people and kids running around. Jackson had fun with some of the kids but he was very intimidated by some of the older, bigger kids. Emmy had fun too although she was a little out of sorts. She refused to take a nap while at their house. She did sleep through the night while we were there but without naps she was more than just a little cranky. We left late Friday afternoon to head back home and both kids slept for almost two hours! They were worn out! Emmy is still having a hard time settling back into her routine. She is napping and sleeping through the night fine but she cries quite a bit when I put her down(which she has never done before). I'm pretty sure she is having some major separation anxiety.

Kevin's parents:

The next day, Christmas Eve and Kevin's birthday, we enjoyed a quiet day at the house. We went over to my parent's house that night to celebrate Kevin's birthday and enjoy Christmas with grandmothers, aunts and uncles. It was another fun filled night with good food and visiting family. I think I have mentioned that Jackson and Emmy are the only kids on my side of the family so they get lots of attention and presents from everyone! Jackson had a blast as he received a remote control monster truck and loved driving it around Gigi and Pop's house.

Emmy sitting with her two great grandmothers:

Jackson enjoying cupcakes for Daddy's birthday:

Christmas morning was so fun. The kids were so tired that they both slept past seven! This is not unusual for Emmy but it is extremely rare for Jackson! but once he was up he ran in to see the tree and squealed in delight. We have some fun video of him. Later that morning we went back over to my parents for brunch.

Emmy got this walk behind toy from Santa and had eyes for nothing else! She LOVES it:

The kids on Christmas morning:

It was definitely a wonderful Christmas!

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