Monday, November 7, 2011

Update on Emmy

About two weeks ago, I guess right around the time Emmy turned eight months, I put her down for her nap one day and a few minutes later I heard her in her room laughing and playing. This has NEVER happened as she always goes straight to sleep. I peeked into her room and she was SITTING UP in her bed and trying to PULL UP on the rails! Now, she's been sitting for awhile but I had never seen her go from lying completely flat to sitting up all on her own. Needless to say for the next few days she did not get good naps as she was "practicing" her new skills. She also quickly learned how to pull up to standing in her bed and so we lowered her mattress. Always a big milestone! :)

Everyday Emmy gets a little bit closer to crawling. She's been getting around using her two hands, one knee and one foot. Not quite a crawl but she managed to get where she wanted to go. But today was the breakthrough! She officially crawled across the room on both her hands and knees. I was very excited for her and she was excited to reach her destination on her own! Oh, this girl is growing up too fast!

Her two top teeth are still coming in. I don't think they are causing much pain but I think they are bothering her as she has continued to bite and gnaw on her bottom lip and now she has a raw spot above her chin.

And although this is an Emmy update I can't leave out my Jackson. He is going through a big transition as well- a transition that may last a few weeks or several months or maybe even a year. He isn't consistently taking a nap everyday. He doesn't even take a nap on most days. He will sometimes nap on the days he goes to school but only once in awhile takes a nap at home. "Nap time" is now "rest time".

It's been a hard transition for all of us as he gets very tired and cranky in the evening. For now we have pushed his bedtime to 6:30. Emmy still goes to bed at 6:30 as well. It's actually kind of nice having a little extra down time at night. We'll see how it goes...

And thanks to Brittani Bailey for the beautiful pictures!

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