Sunday, November 13, 2011

In Action

I am home with Emmy on a Sunday morning because she is sick. She has had the stomach bug all weekend. I heard it was going around. Hopefully the rest of us will stay well. Kevin and Jackson are at church and the house is quiet so I thought I would blog.

In the past and in the present whenever anyone has commented on who Jackson looks like it has always been unanimous- he looks just like Kevin! When it comes to Emmy there seems to be lots of opinions. Some say she looks like Kevin, some say she looks like me, a few people have even said she looks like my mom but a lot of people say she looks like Jackson. Some of her baby pictures look very similar to mine. I think she got a little of everyone in her. :)

I took some action shots of Emmy. She's still in her pajamas and her hair hasn't been brushed yet but she loves to stand up and play with her toy:

She also loves Pooh Bear. When she has something she really likes she will bury her face in it. It's really funny.

She loves a good game of pee-pie and especially likes it when we put a blanket over her face and then she pulls it off.

And she is crawling everywhere!

Some other fun things: She responds consistently to her name. She has started doing some waving. It isn't consistent yet but she definitely does it at appropriate times. She pulls up on everything! She has started "dancing" (moving her body up and down) when she hears music. She enjoys playing with her toys but mostly likes to find things that are new: the remote, my phone, a magazine, tupperware, etc. This is a really fun age!

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