Tuesday, October 18, 2011

To the patch

This past Saturday we decided to set out for the pumpkin patch. We got Jackson all excited about it and he behaved all morning in order to go and pick out ANY PUMPKIN HE WANTED! To my three year old this is a big deal! So we load up and drive to the church near our house that always does a pumpkin patch- except for this year apparently. Jackson was listening as we began discussing going back home and looking up a pumpkin patch on the internet and then going the next day. This was devastation for little Jackson. He was so upset! So we began driving aimlessly around looking for a pumpkin patch. We drove by all the little (and big) churches that we knew of that were somewhat in the vicinity of our house- no luck! As we were just about to give up we drove by a somewhat small but established produce hut (not a stand but not quite a store) and what do we see but a pumpkin patch. It wasn't very big but it was cute with plenty of pumpkins to choose from and it satisfied Jackson's need for pumpkins. He had a blast! He would try so hard to pick up these huge pumpkins only to give up muttering to himself, "nope, too big..." and then move on the next.

Emmy on the other hand sat where we placed her and bounced up and down and squealed and laughed as she watched Jackson "reorganize" the pumpkins.

This is the only one I could get of the two of them:

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