Monday, August 15, 2011

She likes sweet potatoes!

I think we finally got a handle on Emmy's tummy issues. All her tests from the dr. came back negative which means it probably was just the reflux (or possibly the medicine) that was hurting her tummy. We are back on zantac because she was still having a hard time eating. She wasn't eating well, arching her back during feedings and was extremely fussy during feedings. After being back on zantac all that has gone away. And she is officially eating baby food. We've been doing it very slowly as she didn't even like eating food at first. I gave her a few bites of carrots every few days and gradually increased from there. Now she does ok with carrots and pears. Today I introduced sweet potatoes to her. She ate the whole jar! First of all, whenever she tries something new she will only take a few bites and then she's done. Secondly, she's never eaten a whole jar of anything in one sitting. This girl likes sweet potatoes! Here she is modeling her new dress:

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