Thursday, May 12, 2011

All the right answers

It seems Jackson has learned all the right "Sunday School answers". Last night at dinner we were all talking about our day and this is how the conversation went between Kevin and Jackson:

Kevin: What did you do at school today?
Jackson: I played outside.
Kevin: What else?
Jackson: Read books.
Kevin: What books did you read?
Jackson: The Bible.
Kevin: Oh, the Bible! What did you read about in the Bible?
Jackson: Jesus
Kevin: What did you learn about Jesus?
Jackson: He died on the cross.

While I don't doubt they talk about these things at school I have heard him give these answers before so I don't know if this was particularly true of yesterday. Either way, I am grateful that he is learning these things and that they are talking about these things at school. I am so blessed by the fact that I get to watch Jackson learn about his Savior. These are the first seeds that are being planted in his little life. Sometimes we just go about our routine, such as: going to church, taking Jackson to school and having our family worship time and I don't stop to think about how it actually is impacting his little life. He is learning about who Jesus is and hopefully his knowledge of Him will only continue to grow. I hope we have more conversations like the one from last night and I can't wait to see what he learns.

A few pictures from Mother's Day.

Me and my babies:

Emmy loved being outside and was taking it all in:

What a sweet big brother!

Believe it or not, our first picture as a family of four:

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