Sunday, February 27, 2011


We got home from the hospital last Thursday and we are all so glad to be home. Emily is such a sweet baby and hardly ever cries. I am already amazed at how different Emily is from Jackson. When Jackson was a newborn he cried ALL the time! He cried when we changed his clothes, changed his diaper, gave him a bath, got hungry, when we laid him down, etc. Emily doesn't cry during any of these things. Her hunger cues are easy to read whereas Jackson was in all out screams within a matter of seconds of being hungry. At night, Emily eats then we lay her back down and she goes to sleep. After Jackson ate we would have to hold him and rock him for about an hour before he would go back to sleep. Here are some pictures of Emily going home from the hospital.

But first, a picture of Jackson going home from the hospital: (to prove my point)

And Emmy:

Jackson was sick most of last week so he was not able to come and see us at the hospital. Jackson wasn't able to meet Emmy until we got of that later.

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