Monday, October 12, 2009

Pumpkin Patch

This past Saturday we took you to the Pumpkin Patch and to the Fall Festival at school. You had a great time! Since I've brought my pumpkin decorations out and we've been reading pumpkin books you are really into pumpkins. You were excited to see them for real and up close! You ran all over the patch touching and picking up pumpkins. You screamed in delight when we got to the Fall Festival and saw there were children running everywhere! You enjoyed the games including "go fish" and the cake/cookie walk. It was so fun for us to see you having so much fun!

I love the Fall!!!


  1. So fun!!! He is such a cute little pumpkin!

  2. He is precious!!! We are taking the boys to a Pumpkin Patch on Saturday. My mom got one for Lawson and as we drove away from the house this morning, he said, "Bye-Bye pumpkin!" Too cute!