Sunday, August 23, 2009

All Boy

You are definitely all boy! You love to play with your cars and trucks. You like to climb up and stand on your riding car and you like to ride on it backwards (as shown in picture). You also like to throw all your toys in your dump truck and drive it all over the house. Daddy put you in the dump truck and pushed you around and you loved that too!

You also love to throw and kick your balls, pull and push, open and close and get into whatever you can. You are also getting to be a pretty fast walker. You are getting close to running! Today was such a beautiful day that Daddy and I took you to the park. We hadn't been in awhile since it has been so hot, but this time you were all about exploring. You wanted to climb up and down and in and out and you even enjoyed the slide! You are really growing up.

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  1. Such a cutie! Yesterday was a beautiful day. Glad you all got out and enjoyed it.