Saturday, July 4, 2009

Fourth of July

Happy Fourth of July! It occurred to me that now that you are a year old you will be celebrating holidays for the second time around....the Fourth of July being the first. And it's fun to look at pictures to see the amazing changes that can take place in just a year!

July 4, 2008:

July 4, 2009:

So it was another quiet fourth for us. And that's just fine. Last year you were too young to do anything and this year we canceled our plans of going to Chattanooga because you got sick. You had been coughing for awhile and then you got a fever on Thursday. You are taking medicine for bronchitis so we are home taking care of you. I hope you are better soon.

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  1. I hope Jackson is feeling better! We've missed seeing the Lotts. See you Saturday!