Friday, June 26, 2009


So earlier today I was singing and clapping to you as I do every day and you grabbed my hands and began clapping them together. You didn't clap your own hands but you clapped mine together. Then this afternoon you were playing with your toys and you began banging two balls together. Although banging toys together is a skill that babies usually do around 7 months you have never done it. Banging toys together is also sort of a prerequisite to clapping. So tonight Daddy, Grammy and I were all eating dinner together and I was telling them all these things. I told them that I just knew you were going to clap any day now since you had done those things earlier today. We were all talking and laughing and out of the blue you just started clapping! I couldn't believe it! You did it over and over and we all got so excited. It's funny how we get excited over such little things!

You are also doing lots of other things. You have been sporadically pointing at pictures in books but now you are pointing at everything. Last week at the beach you were pointing all over the place wanting us to tell you what everything was. I would even give you a choice between two foods and you would point to which one you wanted. You are definitely communicating more! You wave all the time to tell someone hello but you still don't wave bye bye. You are also beginning to use a spoon to feed yourself. You can't quite scoop your food yet but once it is on the spoon you can get it to your mouth.

Right now you say about five words:
"ba" for ball
"moo" for a cow (and other animals)
"hey" while waving
"mu" for more

Yea Jackson! Also, you give lots of kisses...which I just LOVE!

Another sweet beach picture:

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