Friday, March 20, 2009

Spring Break

Daddy and I both had the week off for Spring Break. We had a lot of fun! Aunt Erin let me borrow her "professional" camera and I am hooked. The clarity is awesome and I can get the close up pictures of you that I want without the blur. I really enjoyed playing with her camera this week. So here is what we did:

Monday was rainy but we still got a lot done. We got new tires on the car, took a family trip to the grocery store and visited your great grandmother Nana. Nana was so excited to see you and you were anxious to show off your favorite tricks. We had fun at home too.

Happy St. Patrick's Day!!! Tuesday was sunny, warm and beautiful so we headed to Veteran's Park. I have taken you to the park before but all we did was walk. So we were excited to see what your reaction would be to the slide, swing, etc. We also took your walker and let you walk through the grassy field. You had a blast. You actually didn't like the slide all that scared you. But you loved the swing! You were a little hesitant at first but you warmed up quickly...


Wednesday was another beautiful day so we headed out to the Botanical Gardens. I really wanted to take you to the Gardens to get some good pictures and they turned out precious! Daddy and I enjoyed a leisurely stroll and admired the beautiful tulips and daffodils that have already bloomed. Here are a few of my favorite pictures from the day:

On Thursday we went to the zoo. It was your first time as well as Daddy's first time at the Birmingham Zoo. You really seemed to enjoy all the new things to look at. We got an up close look at the giraffes which you didn't seem to like. We weren't sure if you were actually scared of the giraffe or if you just didn't like the terrible smell! Your favorite animal was definitely the monkeys! I could have guessed that because they ran around and chased each other, swung from the ropes and the trees and jumped from branch to branch. You were thoroughly entertained and thought that they were hilarious. But you did not want to get close to those flamingos!!!


Daddy left early this morning to go camping with some friends. He really can't wait until he can take you with him...but not this time. So you and I headed over to play with our friends Ian and Cannon. It was nice to play with friends and it was good to talk with another mom and ask her my most recent "new mommy" questions. Yes, I still claim to be a "new mommy" because with each new stage brings a whole list of questions and things I don't know but am trying to learn. We had a nice lunch and a nice chat. Thanks Erin!

As you can see we had a very busy week. It was lots of fun though. It was great having Daddy around all week as well. This week I noticed a couple of new things that you are doing: You are initiating and playing peek-a-boo. You will pull your blanket up over your eyes and then quickly bring it down with a huge grin. It's very cute and you do it over and over again. You also have a new face that you learned to make. I call it the "fish face". I caught it a couple of times on camera throughout the week but I see you making it all the time now. It's really funny. "Fish Face"

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  1. Love the pics! Sounds like we know what your next big purchase will be! I'm glad ya'll had a fun week. Hopefully we will see you Wednesday. I was excited to see I could leave comments! :)