Friday, March 27, 2009

Language Update

You are "talking" up a storm. In the past week you have become so much more vocal. You are constantly vocalizing and experimenting with different sounds. We are hearing lots of g's and b's and a few m's and n's and of course your favorite "dadadadadada". I love hearing your sweet baby voice. You were quiet for so long and I am so thankful that you are beginning to babble again.

It's also exciting to watch you learn that words have meaning. As I posted awhile back, you understand "that's a no-no". You also turn to your name and have been doing that for awhile. You understand the word "up". While in your high chair and after your mealtime routine I will ask you, "do you want up?" You get really excited, start bouncing up and down and lift your arms up to me. Another word you understand is, "night night". During the day as nap time approaches I will tell you that it is time for "night night". As soon as you hear those words you start whining a little to let me know that you don't want to go.

Other Updates: You are getting closer to walking. You now cruise around the house one handed and you even take both hands off of whatever you are holding onto and stand on your own for a couple of long seconds. When you get really excited you take off walking with me holding just your waist. You are eating more table foods: peas, carrots, bananas, strawberries, pears, kiwi, and cheerios. You continue to just play with your sippy cup and not really drink from it. We will keep practicing. You have stayed well for over two weeks now. No runny nose, no congestion, no coughing and best of all, no ear infection! Yea!

Here's Jackson standing up all on his own!!!

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