Wednesday, February 18, 2009


Your bilateral tubes are officially in place. Yesterday I wasn't so sure that it was going to happen because you started running a fever and you can't have surgery with a fever. Yesterday morning you had a temp of 100.2 and by the afternoon it had gone down some and by the evening it was back to normal. I talked to a nurse who told me that we would still go along as planned for the surgery but if you had a temperature this morning that we could not do the surgery. I prayed all night and all morning that your temp would be normal so that we could go ahead with the surgery. We arrived at Children's Hospital at 6:15 this morning. You were called back after waiting less than 5 minutes. All of your vitals were taken including your temp which was 99.3. The nurse told me that 99.3 was not considered a fever and we could go ahead as planned. Thank you Lord for that answer to prayer! By 6:50 we were all prepped and you were taken back by the nurse. By 7:00 Dr. Woolley was in our room to inform us that the surgery was over and that you had done great! By 7:10 you were back in my arms. WOW! It was definitely quick and easy. You did so great. You didn't cry when you were taken back and you weren't crying when you were brought back. You were a little fussy and cranky and tired but you did great and I was so proud of you! We were home by 7:45 and you were back asleep by 8:00. You are still asleep and I am guessing that you will sleep most of the day. We are not expecting instant results as you currently have your 5th ear infection. But as the antibiotics and ear drops start to take affect I am hoping to have a happier, healthier boy with lots of babbling! :)

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