Tuesday, February 24, 2009

"That's A No-No"

You are such a smart boy! It is fun to watch you learn about your world and you are starting to show an understanding that language and words have meaning. We have entered into the world of discipline. Now life gets interesting! Now that you are so mobile you are into anything and everything that you can get your hands on. We have baby-proofed the house but there are still some things that you try to get into that you shouldn't. Daddy and I have decided to use the phrase, "that's a no-no", and you are catching on quick. We could say "no-no" all day long but we try to only use this phrase if you attempt something that is dangerous or harmful or very important. For example: You are not satisfied to pull up or cruise around the same things day after day. You want something new! So when you attempted to pull up on the brick fire place we told you "that's a no-no". At first we had to tell you several times and redirect you to play with something appropriate. But like I said you have caught on fast and now most of the time all I have to say is, "Jackson" in my serious tone and you stop and move on to something else. We are trying to be consistent and pick the most important things to correct. We also praise you when you make a good choice (like obeying "no") and you really like that.
This is a picture we took to celebrate PawPaw's birthday (Kevin's dad). You pulled up on your big basket and are standing up and balancing with only one hand. A couple of different times you have found your balance and stood up without holding on to anything, but it was only for half a second.

Also, a few days ago your two top teeth cut through the gums. It definitely wasn't as bad as when the bottom two cut through but you had some discomfort. The two on the top seemed to cut through at the same time while the two on the bottom cut through one at a time. Anyway, now you have four teeth!

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