Sunday, November 16, 2008

Little Things

I have noticed some new little things over the past couple of days:

A couple of days ago you found your thumb. I knew it was coming soon because you just love to suck on your fingers...and now you suck on your thumb. You also found your feet. You have started grabbing your feet and you are trying so hard to pull them all the way to your mouth. You're almost there...

Last night you slept all night on your belly. I didn't get much sleep because I was worried about you being able to breathe. We always put you to sleep on your back and now that you are rolling over you decided to sleep on your belly. I took your crib bumper off today. Since you are rolling over I don't want your face to get smothered. Your crib looks so bare now.

You are really using your hands to explore. Tonight as I was holding you, your hand decided to explore my face. You just looked at me and smiled as your hand rubbed my cheek, grabbed my nose, and as you tried to stick your fingers in my mouth. You are too cute!

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