Tuesday, July 31, 2012


It's the last day of July and I haven't blogged much this month so I thought I would do a July review.  Not too much to report- just hanging out with the kids.  We've been to the pool some but not as much as we did in June.  We usually go in the afternoons after nap time but we had a lot of rain in July so we couldn't go as much.  It is SO HOT so we've been finding things to do inside. 

The kids like to sit at the table and do things like: puzzles, paint, color, stickers, play dough,  etc. Although Emmy's attention span isn't as long as Jackson's she does enjoy sitting and doing different activities.

Doing Puzzles

Tongue out in concentration (just like Jackson)

Loves working puzzles!

Clapping for Emmy when she finished her puzzle- sweet big brother!
 This picture is so funny to me. The quality isn't very good because I took it with my iPod. We were outside playing in the water and I turned around and Emmy looked like this and wasn't real happy about it.  I think she fell in a pile of dirt! Sometimes these kids get multiple baths a day!

Kevin and I celebrated our 9th wedding anniversary on July 26.  We were able to go to dinner which was so nice. It really is a treat to get to sit and eat dinner and have a full conversation with my husband without interruptions!

Emmy is 17 months now and continuing to grow and show her own opinions and personalities.  She is still a good eater and a good sleeper.  She doesn't eat three helpings of meat, veggies and fruits at each meal like she was but she will eat anything I put on her plate.  She still LOVES quesadillas and will always eat three helpings of those! She continues to expand her vocabulary and has probably 30-35 words although I've pretty much stopped counting.  She is imitating two word phrases such as, "bye bye daddy", "shoes on" but still hasn't said a phrase spontaneously.  More and more each day she is able to tell us what she does or doesn't want.  If you offer or give her something she doesn't want she won't hesitate to tell you "no!". 

It's hard to believe that August begins tomorrow and we will start getting ready to get back into our school routine!

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