Thursday, October 6, 2011

Sweet Boy and Big Girl

I think that Jackson is starting to like his sister more. Not that he's ever really been mean to her but he hasn't really shown a big interest in her- until lately.

Now that Emmy is sitting and playing Jackson likes to sit down with her and play with her toys. I think because they are new to him but it's a great time to encourage him to share and interact with Emmy. Another thing I've started doing is letting them have book time before their afternoon nap. Emmy and Jackson sit on Jackson's bed and look at books together. The other day before naptime Jackson was reading on his bed and I was holding Emmy and Jackson told me he wanted Emmy to sit on his bed and read books too. How sweet!

This morning I took Jackson (very early) to Children's Hospital to get one of his tubes taken out of his ear. I loaded him up in his carseat and then went and got in the driver seat. Jackson looked over at Emmy's seat and said, "Hey Mommy, what about baby Emmy?" I told him that Emmy was staying home with Daddy and that she was still sleeping. He said, "Awwww! I want baby Emmy to come with me." Oh, it melted my heart!

And this afternoon, out of nowhere, Jackson ran over and gave Emmy three kisses on her cheek. I'm pretty sure that is the first time he's kissed her without prompting from Mommy or Daddy. :)

And Emmy is getting to be such a big girl! I can hardly believe it. She rocks back and forth a lot, gets down on her hands and reaches really far forward for something she wants. Maybe she'll crawl soon?

A couple of weeks ago I gave Emmy a sippy cup. I gave it to her several times and she would hold onto it and put it up to her mouth and then not really know what to do with it. I hadn't given it to her in a couple of weeks- I just kept forgetting to. So today I brought it out and she drank water from her cup like she had been doing it for weeks! I couldn't believe it. She got a good amount of water even with the stopper inside the cup!

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