Tuesday, May 24, 2011

One Happy Mommy

I will admit that I have been a little nervous about potty training Jackson. It was more about me than him- I felt like I didn't know how to approach it or really what to do. But I am proud to announce that Jackson is officially potty trained. We started this past Saturday and as of today (day 4) he is telling us when he needs to go and going on his own! How exciting! This is such a great feeling. I have felt that he was ready for a couple of months now but decided to wait until things calmed down around the house. After having Emmy, dealing with lots of sickness, working in May and finishing out the school year it has been a little busy around here! I'm glad that we waited because one of my biggest fears was that we would try and fail. I really wanted him to be successful and I am so proud of him!

Can't believe this boy is about to be three!

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