Wednesday, March 30, 2011

One Month and a Long Hospital Stay

On March 22 Emily was one month old. I can hardly believe that a month has already gone by. On that Tuesday we had a couple of visitors planning to come over to see Emily and lots to do at home. That morning I took some one month pictures and of course Jackson wanted in on it too!

Later that afternoon Emily woke up fussy, even after eating (which is very unlike her) and I thought she felt warm. I took her temperature only to find out it was 101.3. After a whirlwind of events we ended up at Children's Hospital. About 36 hours later we were still there and found out that she had an infection that would require IV antibiotics for 7-10 more days. We ended up being at the hospital for exactly a week and got home yesterday. We are so glad to have our little girl home and so glad we are all back together under the same roof. We hope that was Emily's first and last visit to Children's Hospital!

Even though we felt that time stood still in the hospital while the whole world moved on Emily continued to grow and change. She is now doing lots and lots of smiling (can't wait to get pictures of that!) and she is sleeping for a five hour stretch at night (very exciting!).

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