Saturday, January 15, 2011

Our Ice Storm and "I did it!"

We had some snow/ice here earlier this week. The ice storm really affected us more than usual as school was closed both Monday and Tuesday and started late on Wednesday. Jackson and I were cooped up inside for what seemed like forever but it was also fun to have Kevin home to keep us company. I just wish all the ice had been more snow so we could play. We did venture outside but there really wasn't any snow that we could pick up.

So here is a conversation that I have at least once a day with Jackson:
Me: Jackson, go _______ (wash your hands, take your jacket off, etc.)
Jackson: Ok Mommy, I do it
(1 second later)
Jackson: Help Mommy, Help!
Me: You can do it. Just try!
Me: Ok Jackson, Mommy will help you
Jackson: No Mommy, I DO IT!
(1 second later)
Jackson: I did it Mommy! I DID IT!

Life with a two year old definitely keeps me on my toes. I'm constantly reminded of my own selfishness and my need for God's grace and for His patience, kindness and wisdom.

So here is my, "I did it!". I have been doing lots of reading and studying and practicing and today I completed my first hand sewn article of clothing. I made this sweet little dress for our sweet little girl. I had to adjust the size so it would be small enough. I'm hoping it will fit her this summer although I have no idea if or when it will fit. But it was fun and I'm hoping to learn more...

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  1. So cute way to go Deidre! I attempted to make something similar for my friend who is having a little girl and i failed miserably. Although the one I made may have fit a baby doll....