Saturday, May 29, 2010

Summer Break

Thursday was my last day of school so yesterday began our summer break! I am really looking forward to this summer and being home with you. Yesterday we kicked off our summer break by splashing in the pool. You had so much fun and got very upset when we had to dump the water out of the pool at the end of the day. You cried, "pool, water, pool, water". I'm sure we'll be in that pool a good bit this summer.

You had fun pouring the water out of the watering can:

But then that led to this:

And you really don't like water in your face. But you were still happy:

You are talking so much more and have lots of new words. You will now call a lot of animals by their name instead of just their sound. You will say, "kitty", "dog", "sheep" instead of just "meow", "woof", etc. You will name many of your body parts when I point to them, "eye", "ear", "hand", etc. And you are saying more and more two word phrases on your own. Yesterday while eating you asked for "more cookie" and today you wanted "more car". I'm so excited to hear you talking.

It's really fun when you get excited too- and you get excited a lot. All I have to say is, "Do you want to go eat Mexican?" (yes you love Mexican food) or "Do you want to go see Gigi?" or even "Do you want to go to Publix?" and you wave both hands up in the air and say "yeaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa!". I guess you just love to GO!

Can't believe you will be week from today.

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  1. He is SO cute, and I hope he is feeling better this week! I also hope the closing went well today.