Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Cooking with Mama

You are a boy after your mama's heart. You love ANYTHING sweet! We had fun in the kitchen while Daddy was off camping. You love to watch me cook. Sometimes I will pull a chair up to the counter and let you see what I am doing. You are still a really good eater as you always eat whatever I put in front of you for breakfast, lunch and dinner, but you are learning about things that are sweet and will often request a cookie. You always request a banana and cereal for breakfast. You always eat your oatmeal but you also ALWAYS want whatever cereal I am eating. You don't really make any requests for lunch or dinner but you are very interested in finding out the name of what you are eating. When I put your plate in front of you you point to each item and wait until I tell you what it is. You are learning so much!

You love to look in the oven to see what's cookin':

Waiting (somewhat patiently) on the kitchen floor for something from the oven:

Eyeing some muffins:


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  1. I love the one where he is laying on the floor! It's amazing the growth that happens between their two year birthday and then throughout the year. Lawson seems like a preschooler now, not a toddler! They are so much fun!!!!