Sunday, February 14, 2010

Happy Valentine's Day

It has been fun celebrating Valentine's Day with you. We got you a couple of small things but the smallest of things make you so happy! You got really excited about Mommy's hershey kisses. You didn't know it was candy but you had fun putting them in your little pink mail box.

I found this little mailbox and knew you would love it. You love seeing the mailman and going to the mailbox. You think it is so fun to take a letter to the mailbox and lift the flag up.

We are so proud of how smart you are. The other day Daddy and I were "testing" you and you knew pretty much what everything in the house was. We asked you where Grammy, Grandpa and Baxter were and you pointed out the window for all of them. It was cute. You are beginning to call people by other names besides "dada". You say "mimi" or "nini" for Grammy and "papa" for grandpa and "jaja" for jackson. I'm so glad you got past calling everyone "dada". You attempt to imitate almost everything we say but your speech is still pretty unclear.

Friday we got a little bit of snow. It was a good bit for Birmingham but not as much as last March. I wish that there had been more for you to play in but you weren't that excited about it. You loved being outside but didn't care much about touching the snow.

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  1. Such a doll! I think his speech is great! :) He's such a happy boy.